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Lecture Demonstrations Laboratory

Physics Rm. 202

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The Demonstrations Manual

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Electric Fields And Potential
Current and Resistance
Electromotive Force And Current
DC Circuits
Magnetic Materials
Magnet collection
Magnetic Fields 1
Magnetic Fields 2
Magnetic Fields Associated with Current Carrying Wires 1
Magnetic Fields Associated with Current Carrying Wires 2
Solenoid with an Iron core
Magnetic Deflection of an Electron Beam
e/m Tube Lorentz Force Demonstrator
Magnetohydrodynamic Motor
Forces Between Current Carrying Wires
Vibrating Lamp Filament (Lorenz Force Demonstrator)
Force on a Current Carrying Wire in a Magnetic Field
Hall Effect
Galvanometer Movement
Complex Circuits
Semiconductors And Tubes
Transmission Lines and Antennas