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Al Tobias (wat4y) - Office: Gibson S123 & Physics 218, (434) 924-0538

Physics Demo Manual

Demonstrations are cataloged according to PIRA Bibliography


Due to Physics Building renovations, the lead time to set up demo requests has increased due to the need to transport equipment across campus. Please be kind and let me know well ahead of time what you need.

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 Motion In One Dimension
 Motion In Two Dimensions
 Newton's First Law
 Hit the Nail on the Head
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  video  - Motion of Center of Mass
  video  - Hanging Masses
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 Newton's Second Law
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 Statics Of Rigid Bodies
 Applications Of Newton's Laws
 Work and Energy
 Rotational Motion
 Properties of Matter

 video  - Hanging Masses


To give insight into Newton's Law of Inertia.


centered image

  Hanging Masses - DEMO VIDEO DOWNLOAD  

Suspend mass from hook on stand by a string and attach a string to bottom of the mass.
  • SLOW PULL - a gradually increasing pressure pull on the bottom string causes the top string to break
  • QUICK YANK - a sudden yank on the bottom string causes the same bottom string to break


  • Loop the bottom string around a finger or two to allow a firm grip
  • Place a padded box under the hanging mass in or to catch it when top string breaks


  • Clamp
  • Masses
  • Stand
  • String