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Al Tobias (wat4y) - Office: Gibson S123 & Physics 218, (434) 924-0538

Physics Demo Manual

Demonstrations are cataloged according to PIRA Bibliography


Due to Physics Building renovations, the lead time to set up demo requests has increased due to the need to transport equipment across campus. Please be kind and let me know well ahead of time what you need.

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 Geometrical Optics
  video  - Interference and Diffraction
 Multiple Slit Interference
 Multiple Slit Interference II
 Diffraction using CD
  video  - Newton's Rings
 Laser Interference
  video  - Thin Film Interference
 Michelson Interferometer
 The Eye

Multiple Slit Interference


To demonstrate the wavelength dependence of the maxima spacing in an interference pattern.


Pass out gratings and have class observe bulb through a multiple slit pattern. Next, place the filters in front of the bulb and have class observe the interference through different multiple slit patterns noting the different spacings of the red and blue light.


Some proficiency is required in handling the gratings.


  • 1 10 inch single filament lamp
  • Cornell slit film slides
  • Red and Blue Filters Mounted on Wooden Stand