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Al Tobias (wat4y) - Office: Gibson S123 & Physics 218, (434) 924-0538

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Due to Physics Building renovations, the lead time to set up demo requests has increased due to the need to transport equipment across campus. Please be kind and let me know well ahead of time what you need.

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Radio in Faraday Cage


To demonstrate Gauss's law and the shielding effect of a conductor.


Tune a radio to a station with a clear signal. Place the radio on top of an aluminum plate and cover with a metal mesh. The radio stops receiving signals.

We have a small cage (dia=17cm, height=10cm) with an average mesh opening size of about 8x8mm. We have a large cage (dia=35cm, height=32cm) with an average mesh opening size of 6x6mm.

Our new ultra portable is a Crane CC Pocket radio, here is its instruction manual.

Note: Some carrier frequencies ...
  • AM Band: 540-1600kHz has λ = 556m to 188m
  • FM Band: 88-108MHz has λ = 3.5m to 2.8m
  • Cellular: 700-900MHz has λ = 0.43m to 0.33m
  • Cellular: 1700MHz-2500MHz has λ = 0.18m to 0.12m
  • WiFi: 2.4-2.5GHz has λ = 0.125m to 0.120m


When using the Radio Shack Realistic radio with the small cage, it might be better to lay the radio on its side (with antenna side up) rather than lay it on its back.