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The Demonstrations Manual

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Electric Fields And Potential
Van de Graaff Generator
Electrostatic Bell
Electric Lines of Force
Electrostatic Motor
Electric Fields
Gauss' Law
Radio in Faraday Cage
Fluorescent Bulb in Faraday Cage
Lightning Rod
Electric Wind
Ionic Drive
Smoke Precipitator
Current and Resistance
Electromotive Force And Current
DC Circuits
Magnetic Materials
Complex Circuits
Semiconductors And Tubes
Transmission Lines and Antennas

Van de Graaff Generator


To demonstrate high potential phenomena.


Streamers on tip of dome stand straight out, and flourescent lights glow when held near the dome.


Our Winsco N100-V generator puts out up to 350,000 V negative on the globe and comes with a grounding wand.


  • Bell ringing device
  • Flourescent Tubes
  • Streamers
  • Van de Graaff generator